5 Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers For Your Swimming Needs


waterproof activity tracker

Activity Trackers for Swimmers

As a water athlete, Good Wearables knows you have unique requirements when it comes to the best wearable activity trackers for your swimming needs. You need a waterproof activity tracker to log the fitness metrics you desire, and look good on your wrist as well. We have sorted our list of the best waterproof activity trackers below in descending order based on both price and benefits included.

Complete Packages Perfect For The Advanced Swimmer

1. Polar Loop Activity Tracker

waterproof activity trackersThis waterproof wearable technology is a complete package perfect for the advanced swimmer. It is capable of tracking your fitness activity around the clock. It also provides you guidance, exercise recommendations, and motivational feedback through its 85 LED display to help you reach your goals. You will see your calorie intake, track your steps, and even monitor your sleep patterns as you move throughout the day.

The Polar Loop Activity Tracker is compatible with most Android and iTunes devices and automatically syncs via Bluetooth Smart to a free Polar Flow App and training community. The bracelet custom fits to any size wrist.  The rechargeable battery lasts 5 days of continued use.  Prices range from $71 – $380.

2. Garmin Swim Watch with Garmin Connect


This wearable activity tracker is instantly ready for use right out of the waterproof wearablebox.  All you have to do is tell this swim watch what size pool you are swimming in, and it will do the rest for you. It will track everything you want to know: the pace you swam, how far you swam, how many strokes you took, and a whole lot more.

This swimmer’s watch will help you log drills and timed intervals for you. Analyze your exercise activity by uploading your data to the Garmin Connect website. It has a portable USB stick capable of transferring fitness information to any nearby computer, making it the best activity tracker for the swimming needs of those who need to share their workout data with coaches or workout buddies.

The cost of this wearable activity tracker ranges from $120-$149. The battery only needs to be replaced once a year and does not require being sent to the manufacturer. This device is compatible with Mac or Windows.

Great Tech Activity Trackers Perfect For Intermediate Swimmers

3. Pyle PSLPWMP5 Waterproof Pedometer and Lap/Calorie Counter with MP3 Player

Listen to all your favorite tunes with the built-in MP3 player included in this wearable tech pedometer. Automatically count laps, time, and distance and measure your progress with ease. The universal back clip will attach to anything you want, including your goggles. The headphones and player will last 3 hours of use in water that is up to three meters deep. Prices range from $47-$112.

Starter Swimmers That Are Easy on The Wallet

4. Moov – Smart Fitness Coach & Tracker (White)

This unique activity tracker features a 9-axis motion sensor to collect precise data on your workout activity. Get audio coaching suggestions on how to make your workout even better for your fitness goals. This device can be worn on either your wrist or ankle. Included are 5 sports apps to keep you fit both in and out of the water. This coaching wearable technology costs approximately $86 and is compatible for both Android and iOS.

5. Misfit Wearables F00DZ Flash Fitness and Sleep Monitor

Select from various colors with this wearable activity tracker waterproof up to 30 meters. 12 LED lights display your daily activity amounts. The monitor syncs with your smartphone to keep track of your workout and sleep data. Battery life for this active tracker is around 6 months. Price hovers around $31.

Good Wearables Wrap-up!

With summer just around the corner it’s time to shop for the best waterproof activity tracker that fits your needs.