Wearable Tech Is Building Steam: By Christmas It Will Be At Full Power

Motorola Moto 360 - Black Leather Smart Watch


Wearable Tech Trend is nothing new…

If you are anything like me, then you have a drawer full of old cell phones, some that look like a walkie-talkie.

That’s a 10-4 good buddy:

You also have game consoles that most kids today have never heard of like Nintendo 64 and the Ata

ri 64.

wearable tech

Yup, somewhere in a box I still have all this packed away with 8 track tapes and VCR movies.

Old Tech Trends

What’s my point?

My point is this:

Favorites are always replaced with new favorites.

For example, your once favorite Apple 3 iPhone was replaced by the iPhone 4, then 5. And now 6.

The same happened with iPads. And now we are buying Apple Smartwatches and Moto Smart Watches.

Yesterday I read there’s rumors that Motorola is already in the processes of releasing a Moto v3 smart watch.

So as I write this in August, I know by Christmas time – which is 5 months from now, wearable tech will be stuff we cannot live without…and yet, by next year we will have drawers full of old Fitbits, Jawbones and maybe even Apple Smartwatches.

“It’s all part of what we have grown accustomed to. We have to have newer, faster, better!”

Big Sales On Wearable Tech Are Coming…

So take heed…

…and be on the lookout for wearable coupons, sales, block busters and door crashers that will soon be filling every Google, Facebook and Twitter advert especially designed to capture our attention because like it or not – you will buy a wearable, you must! I must!

Then we will replace it with the new version when it comes out around January 15th…and then again in July, just in time for the holiday season to start all over.

Sad, but true…

Wearable tech will be what everyone wants and will get so start your shopping now because by Christmas time it will be too late to find any of the more popular devices, which BTW, you can keep up with on Goodwearables.com or on Amazon’s Wearable Technology page.

Yup the wearable tech trend is building steam and by Christmas time these gadgets and gizmos will be items we can’t live without…